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Colorful Background with Waves (Seamless/Repeating SVG & JPG)

repeating colorful background with wavesrepeating colorful background with waves, vector svg
Seamlessly repeating colorful background with waves in vector SVG and raster JPG formats. You can play with colors and size before download (SVG has no quality loss when resizing).

"Grunge-Like" Background Pattern (SVG & JPG)

grunge jpg background patterngrunge svg background pattern
Background pattern made in "Grunge-Like" style. Available in both SVG and JPG formats. Edit to your needs then click the download button.

Spotty Pattern in SVG and JPG Formats

spotty pattern in jpg formatspotty pattern in svg format
Spotty background pattern for websites in SVG and JPG formats.

Background Pattern with Vector Art (SVG & JPG)

free jpg background pattern with vector artfree svg background pattern with vector art
SVG vector background pattern (or JPG) with diagonally arranged engraved pieces. Choose the size and colors to your liking. 

Pattern with Deformed Shapes (SVG & JPG)

free jpg pattern with deformed shapesfree svg pattern with deformed shapes
JPG and SVG pattern with deformed shapes. The default pattern comes in green on white colors, but it's up to you, which colors to choose.

Seamless Pattern with Abstract Leaves (SVG & JPG)

Free seamless JPG background pattern with abstract leaves.Free seamless SVG background pattern with abstract leaves.
Seamless SVG and JPG background pattern with abstract leaves. Choose your desired colors.

Seamlessly Repeating Background with Abstract Composition (SVG & JPG)

Seamlessly repeating background with an abstract composition in both SVG and JPG formats. I've made the default one in blue color, use the sliders above to change that. 

Repeating Splatter Background (SVG & JPG)

free repeating background with splatter (jpg)free repeating background with splatter (vector svg)
Repeating background with splatter in both SVG and JPG formats.

Repeating Dark Background with Scribbles (SVG & JPG)

repeating scribble dark jpg background for websitesrepeating scribble dark svg background for websites
Repeating dark vector (SVG) and raster (JPG) website backgrounds with scribbles. Change the colors, saturation and lightness to your liking, then click download. 

Faded Diagonal Stripes (Seamless SVG and JPG)

seamless jpg background with faded diagonal stripesseamless svg vector background with faded diagonal stripes
Seamless SVG vector and JPG backgrounds with faded diagonal stripes. The colors are editable.