Pattern Creator

PatCreator is a free web application for creating custom seamless background patterns.

(Update!) The application has moved to a new address:

Click the image to proceed!

This app is also available in Google's Chrome Web Store (for free of course) as chrome application
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Here's a screencast with a short "overview":

If you find any bugs or just want to say something about this application, you can do so on this page.


  1. Very useful! The actual app is somewhat basic for someone who can create their own tiles, but it is more in-depth and/or customizable than most other ones I've seen. [Removed prior comment for typo]

    1. Thank you for commenting, Jonathan.

      I'm planning to add some more options to this app in the future... more textures and pattern shapes, maybe.

  2. This is genius! And why bother creating own tiles when there is this, which btw has endless possiblities to do exactly that, create one's own so definitely not that basic. Thanks!