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Ancient Pattern

ancient pattern for backgrounds
A repeating graphic with ancient pattern. I came up with this name/title at last minute, so you may find that there is very little of ancientness in this pattern after all.

Seamless Stone-Like Background

A seamless stone-like background for blogs or any other type of websites.

Repeating Stone-Like Background (Dark Brown)

dark brown repeating background with stone-like texture
A repeating background with dark brown stone-like texture and abstract pattern that looks like tree trunks.

I made this with GIMP, as usual. I have also added a donate button for fundraising. So, if you want to support, now you are able to do so. The button is located at the right sidebar.

Seamless Stone Background

free seamless stone background
A repeating background with seamless texture of stone.  There haven't been any stone-like backgrounds for a while, so I have decided to create one more. The rest can be found in the appropriate category.

Dark Stone Wall Background

free dark stone wall background tile
A background tile for web with abstract repeating texture of dark "stone wall".

"Polished Stone", Gray Background Pattern

seamless gray background for websites
A seamless gray background texture suitable for use on websites.

To me, it has the look of stone. Feel free to modify it to meet your needs (by making it a bit lighter or darker, for example).

"Polished Blue Stone", Seamless Web Texture

seamless web texture of polished blue stone
An abstract web texture of a polished blue stone (or does it look more like ice).

Tile-able Wall Texture (Light Orange Brown)

tile-able texture of an abstract wall colored in light orange brown
A seamless texture of an abstract wall colored in shades of light orange brown.

"Green Stone", Seamless Web Texture

Green Stone, Seamless Web Texture
A seamless web texture of "green stone".

Seamless Marble Like Texture (Light Blue)

seamless light blue marble-like texture
A seamless marble-like texture colored in light blue.