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Colorful Background with Waves (Seamless/Repeating SVG & JPG)

repeating colorful background with wavesrepeating colorful background with waves, vector svg
Seamlessly repeating colorful background with waves in vector SVG and raster JPG formats. You can play with colors and size before download (SVG has no quality loss when resizing).

Gray Striped Fabric Pattern

Here's a new gray "fabric" pattern. Use it as backgrounds for websites or for other purposes.

Simple Gray Texture

simple gray texture, seamless
A seamless gray texture with a stripy vertical blur effect on it.

Repeating Art Paper Background

repeating background of art paper
A repeating background with a look of paper.

P.S. I have added some changes to PatCreator. Now you can share your designs by submitting them to a new gallery section. Start by clicking Edit with PatCreator above.

Green and Yellow Lines on White Background

A seamless pattern with green and yellow diagonal lines on top of a white dotted background.

Striped Fabric Pattern

free striped fabric pattern
A light gray background pattern with seamless fabric-like texture and almost unnoticeable stripes.

Seamless Textured Paper Background

free seamless textured paper background
A seamless textured paper for backgrounds. Colored in pale orange hues.

Lightly Textured Background Tile

lightly textured background tile
A light gray background tile with subtle texture.

You may want to enhance this texture with PatCreator. To do that, just click the button above.

Color Stains on Canvas

seamless web texture of color stains on canvas
A seamless web texture with illustration of pale color stains on canvas.

Aged Paper Background Tile

seamless background of aged paper
A seamless background tile of aged paper with shabby look.