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Brown Canvas, Web Texture

web texture of brown canvas
A web texture of brown canvas. Will look great, when used in dark web designs.

Gray Striped Fabric Pattern

Here's a new gray "fabric" pattern. Use it as backgrounds for websites or for other purposes.

Dark Textile Background

dark textile background tile
A background tile of dark textile. Made this a long time ago and just now decided to publish it.

Gray Textile Background

gray textile background for web design
A gray background pattern with a texture of textile. Suits perfectly for web design.

Striped Fabric Pattern

free striped fabric pattern
A light gray background pattern with seamless fabric-like texture and almost unnoticeable stripes.

Color Stains on Canvas

seamless web texture of color stains on canvas
A seamless web texture with illustration of pale color stains on canvas.

Rough Fabric Pattern (Dark Brown)

background pattern of dark brown rough fabric
A background pattern with a look of rough fabric.

Seamless Canvas (Pale Brown)

seamless canvas texture
A seamless canvas texture for using as background on websites. Colored in pale tones of brown.

If you want a different color variation of this, just click the edit button above and then choose your desired color in the color panel of Patcreator.

Winding Stripes Background Pattern

free background pattern of dark brown winding stripes
A dark brown fabric-like background texture with seamless pattern of winding stripes.

Fabric Pattern with Stitch Holes

free fabric pattern with stitch holes
A grayscale fabric pattern with vertical lines of stitch holes.