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Repeating Dark Background with Scribbles (SVG & JPG)

repeating scribble dark jpg background for websitesrepeating scribble dark svg background for websites
Repeating dark vector (SVG) and raster (JPG) website backgrounds with scribbles. Change the colors, saturation and lightness to your liking, then click download. 

Brown Canvas, Web Texture

web texture of brown canvas
A web texture of brown canvas. Will look great, when used in dark web designs.

Dark Textile Background

dark textile background tile
A background tile of dark textile. Made this a long time ago and just now decided to publish it.

Seamless Dark Texture With Small Grid

A seamless dark texture with a small diagonal grid pattern. The grid blends into the texture.

Tile-able Black Paper Background

tileable black paper-like background
A black tile-able background with paper-like texture.

Rough Fabric Pattern (Dark Brown)

background pattern of dark brown rough fabric
A background pattern with a look of rough fabric.

Metal Grid Pattern

dark background pattern of chain-mail
A repeatable image with dark background and metal grid pattern.

Repeating Stone-Like Background (Dark Brown)

dark brown repeating background with stone-like texture
A repeating background with dark brown stone-like texture and abstract pattern that looks like tree trunks.

I made this with GIMP, as usual. I have also added a donate button for fundraising. So, if you want to support, now you are able to do so. The button is located at the right sidebar.

Winding Stripes Background Pattern

free background pattern of dark brown winding stripes
A dark brown fabric-like background texture with seamless pattern of winding stripes.

Repeating "Gothic" Background

free repeating gothic background for websites
A repeating "Gothic" background for dark website designs.