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"Grunge-Like" Background Pattern (SVG & JPG)

grunge jpg background patterngrunge svg background pattern
Background pattern made in "Grunge-Like" style. Available in both SVG and JPG formats. Edit to your needs then click the download button.

Background Pattern with Vector Art (SVG & JPG)

free jpg background pattern with vector artfree svg background pattern with vector art
SVG vector background pattern (or JPG) with diagonally arranged engraved pieces. Choose the size and colors to your liking. 

Seamlessly Repeating Background with Abstract Composition (SVG & JPG)

Seamlessly repeating background with an abstract composition in both SVG and JPG formats. I've made the default one in blue color, use the sliders above to change that. 

Repeating Splatter Background (SVG & JPG)

free repeating background with splatter (jpg)free repeating background with splatter (vector svg)
Repeating background with splatter in both SVG and JPG formats.

Misc. Rectangle Shapes, Seamless SVG & JPG

free repeating JPG background with miscellaneous rectangle shapesfree repeating svg vector background with miscellaneous rectangle shapes
Repeating SVG and JPG backgrounds with miscellaneous rectangle shapes. The colors of the SVG background can be edited directly on this site.

Lorem Ipsum Background

free lorem ipsum background tile
An aged paper background tile with smeared and pressed text.

Seamless Sky Background

seamless background - simply sky
A seamless background in sky blue colors. Does not look like a real sky, but in overall it looks nice.

Blue on White Background Pattern

blue on white striped background pattern
A background pattern with blue on white vertical stripes.

Glossy Blue Ceramic Tiles Pattern

blue ceramic tiles pattern for web page backgrounds
Free repeating ceramic tiles pattern mainly thought to be used as a background element on web pages.

Abstract Sky Background

free repeating background of abstract sky
A repeating abstract background of sky, best suited for websites. The hues are light blue of course.