Tile-able Website Backgrounds

tile-able website backgrounds

This is a free web gallery containing seamless patterns and textures, all designed for use as repeated (tiled) website backgrounds. You may find these backgrounds especially useful in situations when using a default theme on such platforms as Blogger, Tumblr or Wordpress, just to name a few. This may help your web pages to look a bit more unique.

All of the background images on this resource are free and available for personal or even commercial use under a Creative Commons License.

In addition, there is also PatCreator — web application for making tiled backgrounds. You can change the color and enhance the look of the patterns with it, just hit the Edit with PatCreator button below the image that you like. This will bring you to the other site, where you will be able to tweak the image to your liking (this will only work for images that are 256x256 px), or use it with default built-in textures.

Brown Canvas, Web Texture

web texture of brown canvas
A web texture of brown canvas. Will look great, when used in dark web designs.

Seamless Rough Surface Background

seamless gray website background
A seamless gray texture designed for use as website backgrounds. I think the design of this texture turned out quite interesting. Anyway, hope that you will like it, and, maybe, find use for it.

Gray Striped Fabric Pattern

Here's a new gray "fabric" pattern. Use it as backgrounds for websites or for other purposes.

Seamless Wood Pattern

free seamless wood pattern
A seamlessly repeating background pattern of wood. The image is procedurally generated, and, I think, it's turned out quite realistic.

Dark Textile Background

dark textile background tile
A background tile of dark textile. Made this a long time ago and just now decided to publish it.

Street Art Pattern

street art pattern
Looks as if it's spray painted on the wall. You can be sure that this pattern will seamlessly fill your backgrounds on web pages.

Simple Gray Texture

simple gray texture, seamless
A seamless gray texture with a stripy vertical blur effect on it.

Checkerboard Tile Pattern

A repeating background with a pattern of white, green and yellow tiles, arranged in checkerboard style.

Repeating Art Paper Background

repeating background of art paper
A repeating background with a look of paper.

P.S. I have added some changes to PatCreator. Now you can share your designs by submitting them to a new gallery section. Start by clicking Edit with PatCreator above.

Green and Yellow Lines on White Background

A seamless pattern with green and yellow diagonal lines on top of a white dotted background.