Tile-able Website Backgrounds

tile-able website backgrounds

Free web gallery of seamless patterns and textures designed for use as tiled website backgrounds. You may find these backgrounds especially useful in situations when using a default theme on such platforms as Blogger, Tumblr or Wordpress, just to name a few. This may help your web pages to look a bit more unique.

All of the background images on this resource are free and available for personal or even commercial use under a Creative Commons License.

In addition, there is also a pattern creator — online application for generating seamless backgrounds. You can change the color and enhance the look of the patterns with it, just hit the Edit with PatCreator button below the image that you like. This will bring you to the other site, where you will be able to tweak the image to your liking (this will only work for images that are 256x256 px), or use it with default built-in textures.

Gray Textile Background

gray textile background for web design
A gray background pattern with a texture of textile. Suits perfectly for web design.

Ancient Pattern

ancient pattern for backgrounds
A repeating graphic with ancient pattern. I came up with this name/title at last minute, so you may find that there is very little of ancientness in this pattern after all.

Repeating Vintage Paper Background

repeating background of vintage paper
A repeating background of beige paper with vintage look. Repeats to infinity, as usual.

Green Camouflage Pattern

green background pattern of camouflage
A green tiling background with a pattern of camouflage.

Seamless Stone-Like Background

A seamless stone-like background for blogs or any other type of websites.

Striped Fabric Pattern

free striped fabric pattern
A light gray background pattern with seamless fabric-like texture and almost unnoticeable stripes.

Tile-able Black Paper Background

tileable black paper-like background
A black tile-able background with paper-like texture and look.

Seamless Textured Paper Background

free seamless textured paper background
A seamless textured paper for backgrounds. Colored in pale orange hues.

Lightly Textured Background Tile

lightly textured background tile
A light gray background tile with subtle texture.

You may want to enhance this texture with PatCreator. To do that, just click the button above.

Color Stains on Canvas

seamless web texture of color stains on canvas
A seamless web texture with illustration of pale color stains on canvas.