Tile-able Website Backgrounds

tile-able website backgrounds

Here are my works of seamless background patterns and textures designed for use as tiled website backgrounds (you can use them for any purpose you like, though). You may find these background images especially useful in situations where using a default theme on such platforms as Blogger, Tumblr, Wordpress or even Twitter, and this may help your pages to look a bit more unique.

Most of the images are monochrome and comes in one variation of color only, but I have made an application that is able to change the colors and the look of desired pattern (look below). Anyway, I hope you will find something that suits your needs.

All image downloads on this resource are free and available for personal or even commercial use under a Creative Commons License.

You can change the color and enhance the look of the patterns, just hit the Edit with PatCreator button below the image that you like. This will bring you to the other site, where you will be able to tweak the image to your liking. This will only work for images that are 256x256 px.

Repeating Stone-Like Background (Dark Brown)

dark brown repeating background with stone-like texture
A repeating background with dark brown stone-like texture and abstract pattern that looks like tree trunks.

I made this with GIMP, as usual. I have also added a donate button for fundraising. So, if you want to support, now you are able to do so. The button is located at the right sidebar.

Winding Stripes Background Pattern

free background pattern of dark brown winding stripes
A dark brown fabric-like background texture with seamless pattern of winding stripes.

Nacre Background Tile

free nacre-like background tile
A repeating background with a mother-of-pearl-like rectangular pattern.

Seamless Green Texture Composition

free seamless green texture
A seamless green texture for web background use. 

You can enhance (change color, add stripes, etc.) this texture with PatCreator, just click the button above. It's free!

Aged Grid Paper Background

seamless web background of grid paper
A seamless web background with texture of aged grid paper.

Repeating Gothic Background

free repeating gothic background for websites
A repeating "Gothic" background for dark website designs.

Warped Spots Background

free repeating background with warped spots
A repeating background with brown and white spots.

Pale Green Web Texture

free pale green web texture
A seamless web texture with pale green color shades.

Misc. Shapes Background Tile

free dull green background tile
A background tile with dull green miscellaneous shapes.

Seamless Light Gray Material Background

seamless background of light gray material
A seamless web texture of light gray material.